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How to right-size organizational commitment to CVR

by Virginia Hite September 17, 2020

Over the years of partnering with health systems on care variation reduction (CVR), we've seen one fundamental pitfall come up time and again: organizations setting highly aspirational system-level goals for CVR—often multi-million dollars in cost-savings and quality improvements—but failing to put the organizational muscle required to reach a goal of that size behind it.

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5 conversations to help your team navigate a crisis

Taylor Hurst September 9, 2020

As clinicians navigate the Covid-19 crisis, they're relying on compassionate, agile leadership more than ever—but the last couple of months have presented new-in-kind issues that can challenge even the most experienced clinical leaders.

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How Rush University Medical Center supports its most vulnerable patients amid Covid-19

by Virginia Reid and Clare Wirth August 26, 2020

The Covid-19 epidemic has increased urgency of health-related social needs across the country. The West Side of Chicago is no exception. Rush University Medical Center has responded by ramping up its existing partnerships with community organizations to address the new and exacerbated social needs of its most vulnerable populations.

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How to build a governance structure to support CVR at scale

by Virginia Hite July 29, 2020

Care variation reduction (CVR) is one of the few opportunities in health care to net multimillion-dollar cost savings while safeguarding quality. Yet, while most hospitals and health systems have invested in CVR, few have achieved their full cost savings potential.

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Motivational interviewing 101: How to help patients embrace (and stick to) new habits

by Virginia Reid and Taylor Hurst July 22, 2020

It's impossible for a clinician to motivate patients to change their health behaviors without effective communication. And without a clear understanding of patients' individual perspectives and circumstances, it can be easy to make assumptions about what's best for them. The result: avoidable communication gaps that mean patients don't (or can't) follow through with their care plans in their day-to-day lives.

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How Sentara measures access performance in 3 steps—and puts the patient at the center

by Gillian Hughes and Eliza Campbell July 15, 2020

In keeping with years of Advisory Board's consumer research, our latest survey has found that the #1 attribute consumers want from primary care is immediate access. This was the case before Covid-19, and the epidemic has only intensified this trend.

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Not sure where to focus your care standardization efforts? Start here.

by Maria Restuccio and Sarah Evans July 8, 2020

Before the Covid-19 epidemic, care variation reduction (CVR) was a mainstay on the C-suite agenda for its potential to drive cost savings and improve care quality at the same time. Now, both mandates are even more acute. Clinical executives are under tremendous pressure to find clinical cost savings, while working with a public and a clinical workforce that is increasingly sensitive to clinical safety and quality. In response, hospitals and health systems are recommitting to their CVR strategy.  

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You promised a telehealth revolution after Covid-19. Don't backslide now.

by Rachel Woods July 1, 2020

In addition to hosting our podcast, Radio Advisory, my role at Advisory Board allows me to converse with health care executives across the country—and since Covid-19 hit, nearly every single one of those conversations has involved telehealth. But watching how this conversation has evolved from the start of this crisis to where we are today—and where we'll go in the future—has raised a critical, uncomfortable question: If leaders should never let a crisis go to waste, why would we allow this moment—when we are literally still in a crisis—to allow ourselves to backslide to the "normal" way practicing medicine?

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