Using the Perioperative Surgical Home to Improve Joint Replacement

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About the Webconference

The transition to value-based care models has increased pressure to deliver high quality and cost effective care. The medical home concept has gained traction in the primary care setting, and now, the perioperative surgical home has the potential to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness in the acute setting.

View this presentation with Dr. Zeev Kain, Professor and Chair of Anesthesiology and Associate Dean of Clinical Operations at University of California at Irvine Health. He shares challenges and lessons learned implementing their Joint Replacement Surgical Home to provide more coordinated, standardized care.

What you'll learn:

  • An overview of the Perioperative Surgical Home model, and how it can improve outcomes while reducing cost  
  • Lessons learned from UC Irvine’s implementation of a Joint Replacement Surgical Home  
  • Considerations for implementing a Perioperative Surgical Home in your organization  

Presenter: Julie Riley and Dr. Zeev Kain

Topics: Finance, Performance Improvement, Service Lines, Surgery, Medical Home, Physician Issues, Cost Management, Margin Performance