Transforming Clinical Culture: A Case Study from Banner Health System

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About the Webconference

Despite universal dedication to the concept of quality care, virtually every hospital organization has room to improve in its consistency of delivering high-quality, safe and evidence-based care organization-wide. Beyond individual clinical initiatives, many executives are looking for a path to fundamentally reshape their organization’s “DNA,” building a culture in which all providers willingly invest time into improvement initiatives and abide by the resulting standards. Such a transformation requires two things: determined executive commitment and a clear understanding of the building blocks. This webinar shares a detailed case study of Banner Health—a large health system headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and a national leader in systematically reducing care variation. Even with an 85% independent medical staff, they’ve built a culture in which all physicians support “the Banner way” to provide consistent, reliable care. Learn how they created and maintain this culture.

What You'll Learn:
  • Understand what organizational building blocks are necessary to set a standard of practice that spans the entire organization and aligns system and physician interests  
  • Look in detail at an innovative clinical leadership infrastructure that gives providers the authority and support to develop, set, refine, and roll out evidence-based standards  
  • Learn what it takes to build a culture in which all physicians—employed and private practice—support efforts to reduce care variation  


Presenter: Megan Zweig

Topics: Performance Improvement, Physician Issues