Care Variation Reduction Opportunities

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About This Webconference

Reducing care variation is a top priority for both cost and quality reasons. Physician and quality leaders today are working on a huge array of quality improvement and guideline adoption initiatives. Yet neither QI initiatives nor guidelines are silver bullets for reducing care variation, and the pileup of initiatives is causing change fatigue and burnout in the clinical staff.

To make breakthrough progress, CMOs and their teams should take a step back and look analytically at which opportunities and change levers truly deserve investments of disproportionate time and attention.

Join us to see a new analysis of data from the Crimson platform that shows the biggest clinical opportunities to reduce care variation, while improving quality and avoiding unnecessary cost. We'll also preview selected tactics to accelerate practice pattern changes in the highest-priority improvement areas.

Topics: Performance Improvement, Physician Issues, Care Transformation, Evidence-Based Practice, Methodologies, Cost Management, Margin Performance, Finance