Philanthropy resources to support your Covid-19 response

In this time of uncertainty, all of us at the Philanthropy Leadership Council are grateful for the work that you do to serve the health needs of your community. Below are our top philanthropy resources to help you  navigate your biggest challenges during Covid-19. 

Guidance to hospital philanthropy teams regarding Covid-19 →

Learn about five initial recommendations for preparing and supporting your team, your donors, and your organization for the challenges ahead. (Published March 19, 2020)

Key observations about initial Covid-19 response funds →

Many hospitals and health systems are reaching out to their donor communities for urgently needed funding and supplies. The Philanthropy Leadership Council team has reviewed a number of early Covid-19 response funds on hospital and foundation webpages. These are our key takeaways and relevant examples. (Published March 27, 2020)

Q&A: How Bridgeport Hospital is communicating with donors, and raising needed funds, during the Covid-19 crisis →

Advisory Board's Nick Cericola and Katie Everts spoke with Susan Chudwick, director of development at Bridgeport Hospital Foundation, about communicating with donors during Covid-19 and collaborating with internal stakeholders to support their hospital’s greatest needs. Discover what she had to say. (Published April 3, 2020) 

How the CARES Act will — and won’t — impact charitable giving →

Advisory Board's Katie Everts explains how the new CARES Act incentivizes and deters philanthropy, and what it's overall impact might be. (Published May 5, 2020)

The data is clear: hospitals should fundraise during Covid-19 →

Advisory Board's Dan Galambos lays out the evidence that now is the right time to solicit new donations. (Published May 14, 2020)

8 ways to strengthen your hospital’s culture of philanthropy during Covid-19 →

Covid-19 is introducing a critical moment for health philanthropy. Here are eight ways your response can strengthen your organization's culture of philanthropy for the long haul. (Published May 21, 2020)

Hospital philanthropy teams: seize the virtual mandate of Covid-19 →

For philanthropy professionals, virtual engagement with donors and prospects is the primary option right now, and may be for a while. To ensure you are best prepared for this new normal, we compiled six strategies to help you connect with donors in a safe, interesting, and valuable way.  (Published May 28, 2020)

How Covid-19 Will Impact Health System Philanthropy →

In just the first few weeks following the spread of the novel coronavirus in the United States, billions of charitable dollars were poured into solving the problem. Read our take on how Covid-19 will impact health system philanthropy.  (Published June 11, 2020)

What 34 senior development leaders told us about their strategies in the age of Covid-19 →

The Philanthropy Leadership Council surveyed more than thirty health system development executives about Covid-19’s impact on their strategy. Read on to learn about the top 6 insights we uncovered, and to review the full survey results.(Published September 3, 2020)

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