Webconference Recording

Modernizing Donor Engagement I: Scale Your Reach

About the Webconference

Modernizing Donor Engagement I: Scale Your Reach will explore the opportunity that development teams have to scale meaningful engagement activities with more donors without the need to add new staff. Case examples will illustrate replicable tacts that use new processes and tools to raise the quality of the experience for donors who today are not actively managed by MGOs. This webconference will address MGOs limited capacity to add new prospects to portfolios and the lack of broadly scalable donor communications.

What You'll Learn:

  • The sizable donor opportunity left untouched by todays' major giving and annual fund approaches
  • Strategies to more effectively prioritize withing a large number of prospect and donor names using data and behavior filtering
  • How to promote proactive discovery amongst frontline staff and extend that frontline reach with volunteers