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Philanthropy’s 2016 National Meeting Recap

About this Series

Individuals and employers have an increasing ability to choose where and how they purchase their health care. To compete for their loyalty, health system and hospital leaders are investing new energy and and resources into consumer-oriented strategies. At the same time, the broader nonprofit sector is becoming more nimble and innovative in their interactions with donors. Unfortunately, many development teams are not ready to execute on donor-centric initiatives because strategies outside major gifts are largely based on outdated functional approaches.

Past Events In Series

Staffing for Donor Experience II: Empower Frontline Staff

Best practices and case studies show how development offices have empowered frontline staff and made innovation around donor experience an ongoing part of their infrastructure.

Staffing for Donor Experience I: Develop Innovation Focused Roles

Donor engagement beyond major gifts efforts challenges development teams. Update staff roles and leverage partnerships with other departments to take an innovation to enhance donor experiences using strategic prospect analytics.

Modernizing Donor Engagement II: Deepen Your Connections

This webconference details the second part of our research into upgrading donor engagement practices through strategies designed to ambitiously move donors up the giving pyramid even when they don't have an assigned major gifts officer. Key themes include the low impact of status quo annual upgrade approaches and the inaccessibility of recognition and impact opportunities for donors below the major giving threshold.

Modernizing Donor Engagement I: Scale Your Reach

This webconference presents the first part of our research into upgrading donor engagement practices, with particular emphasis on individual donors who don't qualify for major gift officer support. Key themes include the need to overcome the binary approach to donor engagement that provides personal attention to top donors and a "one-size-fits-all" approach to everyone else and the limitations of current filtering processes to determine priority prospects.

The Case for Innovation in Health Care Philanthropy

Get a state-of-the-industry snapshot on health care and philanthropy, including explorations of health care delivery system transformation, consumerism and donor engagement, and the limitations of current development strategies.