Webconference Recording

Build A To-Market Strategy for Your New Strategic Plan

2015 National Meeting Recap Series - Part II

About the Webconference

Hospitals and health systems across the country are charting a course for the next five years that looks markedly different from that of the past five. For development shops and foundations, this means a move away from the more familiar funding priorities of the recent past.

To start the process of catalyzing major philanthropic support for care transformation, development leaders must crystallize their donor-facing narrative and design a to-market vehicle that packages new priorities into something bigger than their component parts.

Part of the 2015 national meeting webconference series—and the first of two on fundraising for the 2020 strategic plan—this presentation provides an ideal review for chief development officers or the broader foundation staff who were unable to attend our national meeting

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to craft a layered, strategically aligned philanthropic narrative around care transformation
  • New strategies for deploying staff to track and manage cross-continuum funding priorities
  • Models for structuring a care transformation campaign based on institutional strategy