2016 Fall Summit Scoping Survey Results

PEF 2016 Scoping Survey Results

Recently, we asked you to participate in a scoping survey. Your responses helped us understand trends in retail pharmacy and pharmacy system strategy nationwide.

Now, we want to make the results available to you. Download our presentation to get benchmarks to help inform your team's plan of action for the coming year.

Download the results

Here are three of our key findings:

1. Decentralized priorities are your top barrier to achieving pharmacy systemness.
A third of your peers indicated that their biggest hurdle to pharmacy systemization was the overshadowing of system-level priorities by site-level ones.

2. Larger health systems are increasingly common.
Over 63% of respondents identified as part of a regional health system.

3. Pharmacy leaders take charge of retail operations.
Over 80% of your peers said that system-level or hospital-level pharmacy leaders oversee retail operations at their organizations.

For more data points, be sure to download the complete results.

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