A comprehensive assessment of your staffing situation

Target your cancer staffing makeover

In preparation for your cancer staffing makeover, evaluate your performance on staffing metrics to reveal red flags requiring further investigation. Get started with our metrics checklist.

You should also track staff productivity over time, taking into account patient volumes and acuity. Our Acuity-Based Infusion Center Staffing Tool (see below) can help.

  • The Oncology Roundtable’s Acuity-Based Infusion Center Staffing Tool
    Identify patterns in patient volumes, scheduling, and acuity; analyze staffing levels; and collect data to support changes in nurse staffing. Use the tool.

Finally, benchmark against peer institutions—but do it carefully, understanding that the complexity of cancer care makes an “apples-to-apples” comparison nearly impossible. See below for four lessons to help steer your benchmarking efforts.

That said, there is still value in understanding how other cancer programs approach staffing, which is why we conducted our 2015-2016 Staff Benchmarking Surveys.

Thanks to responses from more than 140 cancer facilities, we created a whole series of benchmark generators to support your benchmarking efforts. The tools let you slice and dice data by various factors, so that you can compare your facility to other organizations most like yours.

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