Cancer Patient Preferences Explorer

Interact with the results from the Oncology Roundtable’s Cancer Patient Experience Survey, which asked more than 600 cancer patients diagnosed within the past five years:

  • When deciding where to go for cancer care, which factor is most important to you and which is least important to you?
  • Thinking about your experience with cancer, which service provided by a cancer center would have been the most valuable to you and which would have been the least valuable to you?

Unlike other surveys that allow respondents to rate all items as “important,” our analysis asked patients to make trade-offs, resulting in a ranked list of utility scores that represent the relative value of each factor.

This interactive tool allows you to go deeper into the results of the survey, to understand the differing preferences of demographic subgroups. You can also simplify or tailor the results bar graph by adding or removing data points. For example, select “tumor type” to see how breast, lung, colorectal, and prostate patients differed in their preferences.

You can also download the final chart in the format of your choosing to use in your own presentations.

Note: High-deductible health plan is defined as a health plan that has a deductible of $1,250 or more for individual coverage and $2,500 or more for family coverage. This includes only patients with private insurance.

Note: Distance traveled is distance from cancer center.

Note: Recommendation is defined as likelihood to recommend cancer center to friends or family.

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