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Your top questions on the Radiation Oncology Model, answered

Deirdre Saulet August 1, 2019

Since CMS published the Radiation Oncology Model proposal in mid-July, we've received an influx of questions from cancer programs across the country. Read on to see what your peers are asking—and what we've learned about the model.

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Improve cancer patient survival and cut costs? There's a remote symptom monitoring platform for that.

Deirdre Saulet , Ashley Riley July 15, 2019

According to our 2019 Cancer Patient Experience Survey, cancer patients value specialized symptom management above all other cancer program services. In addition, improved symptom management can help reduce costs and improve quality.

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Breaking: CMS releases proposal for radiation therapy APM. Get our 4 key takeaways.

Deirdre Saulet July 11, 2019

Yesterday, CMS and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) published a long-awaited proposal for a radiation oncology alternative payment model. The aim is to test whether transitioning to prospective, episode-based, site-neutral payments will reduce Medicare spending while preserving or improving care quality.

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That sensor is going where?! The impact of digital pills on oral chemo adherence.

by Deirdre Saulet and Mallory Kirby June 17, 2019

Oral chemotherapy is on the rise. In fact, 86% of cancer program leaders in our 2017 Trending Now in Cancer Care survey told us that the percentage of their patients receiving oral cancer therapies had increased over the past year.

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What are your cancer patients craving? Information on medical marijuana.

by Sarah Adam April 22, 2019

It may be time to address the elephant in the room—patient interest in medical marijuana.

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Your secret weapon for unlocking outpatient drug reimbursements? Pharmacists.

by Gina Lohr and Jessica Preston March 11, 2019

As drug costs grow, health systems must ensure they receive adequate reimbursement for outpatient drugs. A single regimen of chemotherapy can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so every unpaid insurance claim cuts into system margins.

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How Sharp HealthCare is improving access to genetic counseling

Deirdre Saulet February 11, 2019

Editor's note: This blog post was updated on February 12, 2019.

Over the past decade, the field of genetics has rapidly evolved, leading to more testing options and more people who would benefit from these tests. For providers, it is more critical—and difficult—than ever to stay on top of emerging evidence and guidelines. This increased complexity also means that organizations must make the most of valuable, and often limited, genetic counselor expertise.

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Going beyond puppy photos: How to use Facebook to accrue clinical trial patients

by Deirdre Saulet and Kate Wister January 28, 2019

Social media is no longer just a way to connect with old high school classmates or distant family members—it can also be a great opportunity to connect with patients and colleagues online. A recent OBR article highlights how hematologists are expanding their digital toolbox and using social media to facilitate education, increase program awareness, and even recruit patients for clinical trials.

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