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The latest news and research on cancer care from the Oncology Roundtable.

Oncology staff burned out? Engage and retain your staff with these targeted strategies.

by Deirdre Saulet and Emily Venner October 7, 2019

Oncology, along with all of health care, has a burnout problem, and it's critical to address as burnout impacts workplace wellness, productivity, and even care quality. Not surprisingly, burnout can manifest in workforce turnover, incurring high costs for re-hiring staff and losing the valuable experience of long-term employees.

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Don't know how to lower costs and raise quality? Your pharmacists do.

by Jacob Dingle and Deirdre Saulet September 27, 2019

Although pharmacists are an integral part of the cancer care team, evidence suggests their skills are not being fully utilized. In the 2018 ACCC Trending Now in Cancer Care Survey, 89% of programs reported employing either pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, and 75% reported employing both types of staff.

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How your peers are using APPs—and what you can do to keep them on your team

by Jacob Dingle and Deirdre Saulet September 24, 2019

It's no secret that advanced practice providers (APPs) are high-value staffing resources, especially in medical oncology where they can help expand access, improve symptom management, or make up for physician shortages. And while we've been talking about top-of-license practice for decades, many programs struggle to do so due to avoidable time sinks, lack of insight into the APP role, or challenges related to organizational culture and physician buy in.

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Can medical scribes alleviate EHR-related oncologist burnout? It's complicated.

by Deirdre Saulet and Mallory Kirby September 9, 2019

Across 2018, we partnered with the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) to conduct our second annual Trending Now in Cancer Care survey. One new topic we covered? The employment of medical scribes.

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6 takeaways for cancer programs from the 2020 HOPPS Proposed Rule

Deirdre Saulet , Ashley Riley August 19, 2019

CMS has been busy this summer. The agency released its 2020 HOPPS Proposed Rule a couple weeks ago—less than a month after releasing a proposal for the first-ever mandatory radiation oncology bundle. But rest assured, we poured through the 819-page rule so you don't have to. Here are six implications for cancer programs—from big changes to physician supervision, to site neutrality, to the ongoing 340B saga—plus bonus updates on inpatient CAR T-cell therapy coverage.   

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Q&A, Part II: How payers and providers are responding to the biosimilar market

Lindsay Conway August 12, 2019

In part I of this Q&A with Leslie Fish, PharmD, and Jeff Casberg, RPh of IPD Analytics, we discussed how the biosimilar market is evolving and why providers need a biosimilar strategy. Now, in part II of our conversation, we cover how payers are responding and the implications for providers. 

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Q&A: What providers need to know about a changing biosimilar market

Lindsay Conway August 5, 2019

Biologics accounted for 38% of prescription drug spending in the United States in 2015 [1] and are often called the single largest driver of drug spending growth. So the introduction of biosimilars created a great deal of excitement, as they represent an opportunity to lower costs for both patients and payers. However, their entry to the market has been met with numerous challenges—even leading some to question their potential to meaningfully inflect prices.

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Your top questions on the Radiation Oncology Model, answered

Deirdre Saulet August 1, 2019

Since CMS published the Radiation Oncology Model proposal in mid-July, we've received an influx of questions from cancer programs across the country. Read on to see what your peers are asking—and what we've learned about the model.

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