Webconference Recording

Investing in the future of your genetic counseling program

Proving the value of genetic counselors and meeting patient demand

About the Webconference

Join this webinar to learn how two organizations tackled the challenges of proving value and managing staff capacity for their genetic counseling programs. We'll hear from leaders at St. Joseph's Hospital and Avera Cancer Institute about how they calculated downstream revenue and faced the nationwide shortage of genetic counselors to ensure their programs could grow to meet rising patient volumes and tackle lengthy wait times.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the challenges to extending staff capacity and meeting patient demand for genetic counseling services
  • How St. Joseph Hospital calculated the downstream ROI attributable to genetic counselors based on cancer patient service utilization
  • How Avera created a pipeline of genetic counselors through a scholarship program- and why this was more cost effective than you may think

Presenter: Mallory Kirby, Kayla York and Sandra Brown