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The Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Sepsis Nurse

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About the Webconference

St. Joseph began using dedicated sepsis nurses in 2015 to reduce their sepsis mortality rates. The dedicated sepsis nurses identify and monitor patients at risk of sepsis to ensure that patients who develop the condition can be treated. As a result of their program, Hoag Health's mortality rate from severe sepsis/septic shock declined from 15% to 9% since 2015.

In this webconference, join nursing leaders from St. Joseph Hoag Health to learn how they created their dedicated sepsis nurse program and how you can use sepsis nurses at your organization.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to determine the scope and role of dedicated sepsis nurses
  • How to implement dedicated sepsis nurses
  • The benefits of using a sepsis nurse program to share with your team

Presenters: Sara Moehrle, Cecille Lamorena, Gemma Seidl, Linda Boose-Shutes, and Christa Mirabal

Additional Resources:

Download PDF MET Rapid Response and Sepsis Rapid Response Comparison

Download PDF Sepsis Patient and Family Education Brochure – English

Download PDF Sepsis Patient and Family Education Brochure – Spanish

Download PDF Sepsis RN Tracking Sheet