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Rebuild the Foundation for a Resilient Workforce

About this Series

Hospitals and health systems have never been more committed to engagement, retention, and wellness. Yet, nurses around the world are stressed, overworked, and burned out. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, individuals can’t reach their full potential if they are struggling with basic needs. n this three-part series, learn about the unaddressed needs, or “cracks in the foundation,” undermining resilience and leading to burnout in today’s care environment.

Past Events In Series

Spotlight Cracks in the Care Environment

In this session, we introduce the foundational cracks undermining nurse resilience, discuss strategies for supporting staff’s emotional wellbeing, and highlight practices to address frontline perception of "unsafe" staffing.

Reduce Response Time to Routine Point-of-Care Threats

In this session, we highlight four strategies to reduce response time to routine point-of-care safety threats that both help staff feel safe and stay safe at work.

Restore Nurse Camaraderie on the Unit

In this session, we’ll share best practices to restore nurse camaraderie in the unit by identifying and addressing incivility hot spots and reconnecting nurses through storytelling.