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Combating Clinician Burnout

Strategies to Support Physicians and Nurses in Today's Challenging Work Environment

About the Webconference

More than half of physicians and nurses feel “burned out” from today’s health care environment, which can increase clinician turnover and negatively impact patient experience and quality outcomes. While the drivers of burnout can vary for physicians and nurses, there are opportunities to mitigate burnout for both clinician groups. Join this session to learn the main drivers of physician and nurse burnout, and how we can help your organization combat it.

What You'll Learn:

  • Recognize clinician burnout at your organization
  • Understand the main drivers of clinician burnout and how they differ for physicians and nurses
  • Embed strategies to mitigate burnout

Presenters: Anne Herleth and Daniel Kuzmanovich

Additional Resources:

Download PDF Burnout Bundle FAQ

Download PDF Burnout Index Methodology