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How OhioHealth Recruits and Prepares New Nurses for Med/Surg Practice

About the Webconference

Hiring nurses for bedside roles on med/surg units presents a set of unique challenges, including identifying nurses with experience to manage acute care needs in a fast-paced environment, and equipping them with skills to provide patient-centered care.

In this session, leaders at OhioHealth explain how they streamlined the recruitment and hiring process for med/surg nurses and improved the transition of new graduates to entry-level acute care positions through their Medical Surgical Fellowship.

OhioHealth leaders also share how this fellowship has led to a 97% retention rate, reduced open positions by 87%, and reduced time to fill to 14 days.

  • Kathleen M. Hickey, MHA, RN-BC, Administrative Manager, OhioHealth Medical/Surgical Fellowship
  • Jenna Koppel