How WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital’s Unique Huddle Boards Improved Engagement

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About the Webconference

Some of the best innovations come from nurses and other caregivers on the front line. But leaders often struggle to manage the large volume of frontline input they receive, making it difficult to surface high quality ideas and respond to staff feedback.

In this webconference, nurse leaders from WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital explain how they involve staff in efficiently triaging all idea submissions during daily unit huddles and the positive impact the process has had on staff engagement.

Watch this presentation to learn how WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital:

  • Manages and provides feedback on all suggestions from frontline staff
  • Uses "Idea Progress Boards" to communicate with staff nurses about organizational strategy

Presenter: Kris O'Shea, CNO, System VP of Nursing Practice and Clinical Informatics, WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital

Topics: Strategy, Workforce, Nursing, Performance Improvement, Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement