The characteristics of successful team-based care

Eight slides to explain how your group can expand patient access

Coverage expansion and new population management mandates are straining our capacity to handle growing patient panels. As part of the move toward team-based care, many medical groups have added advanced practitioners to their clinician ranks to expand clinical capacity on a budget.

Are you getting the most out of your clinicians? Are your physicians comfortable with the team-based model, or do they view this evolution as a threat?

Many of our members have told us that that they struggle to maximize the team-based care model, so we developed a set of slides that speak to the characteristics of successful care teams. Use these slides to help you and your team to guide your conversation with other medical group stakeholders.


How to use the slides

These slides offer talking points for your next board meeting. Use them to discuss:

  • The importance of expanding patient access
  • Maximizing performance level of practice staff
  • Fostering collaboration among providers
  • Reinforcing patient-centered care

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