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How the medical group of the 1800s should inform your 2018 strategy

Ron Charpentier, MBA December 11, 2017

Ron Charpentier

As a health system or physician enterprise leader, you're always working to align employed physicians and other medical group stakeholders to a cohesive system perspective. At its core, alignment is about transforming the physician enterprise into a unified medical group in line with the system's vision and positioning it to become a performance engine. But many of the health care leaders I speak with struggle to achieve this accord, and consequently do not see the value they expected from their employed physician practices.

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Improve your physician recruiting in 4 steps

by Hamza Hasan and Sarah O'Hara November 28, 2017

Competition for physician talent has gotten intense.

As just one indicator of the current market's frenzy, consider that 50% of final-year residents surveyed in 2017 had been contacted more than 100 times about potential practice opportunities, up from just 6% in 2008. And competition for the narrower pool of candidates willing to work in rural or other "less desirable" geographic areas is even more difficult.

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Put your medical group data into action

by Hamza Hasan and Rachel Woods November 15, 2017

Earlier this year, the Medical Group Strategy Council released the 2017 Medical Gmeroup Benchmark Generator to help medical groups across the country achieve their strategic priorities. With data limited to employed medical groups, this benchmarking tool is specifically geared toward the needs of integrated delivery systems. 

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Why APPs are the perfect fit for retail clinics

by Hamza Hasan and Jasmine DeSilva October 28, 2017

An Advisory Board survey found that being able to walk in without an appointment and be seen within 30 minutes is the top consumer preference for a primary care provider. But physician shortages, appointment backlogs, and maxed-out physician panels make meeting this demand nearly impossible for most primary care clinics.

To meet the growing demand for timely access, many groups are opening retail clinics. These clinics provide convenient locations with extended hours—and the opportunity for medical groups to compete with the nearly 2,800 retail clinics nationwide.

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5 keys to a high-performing hospital-employed medical group that won't require a subsidy

by Hamza Hasan and Daniel Kuzmanovich October 17, 2017

Hospitals around the country face unprecedented pressures to conserve resources while still growing market share. We sat down with Dr. Tim Crowley—a key member of the team leading network development efforts for the newly expanded Steward Health Care and former president of Pinnacle Health Medical Group in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—to discuss operational changes medical groups can make to improve performance.

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3 ways to maximize your advanced practice provider workforce

by Hamza Hasan and Jasmine DeSilva September 18, 2017

One of the most common questions we get from members is, "How can we best use our advanced practice providers?" And for good reason: Whether you're looking to respond to a growing patient demand for access to care, solve a physician shortage issue, or just shift some of your physicians' workloads, advanced practice providers (APPs) can be a powerful solution. In fact, nearly two-thirds of health care organizations increased their APP workforce in 2015 alone to help solve medical group problems and advance population health goals.

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With $1.4 trillion in federal cuts, medical groups need a new economic playbook

by John Deane, MPA and Adam Bryan, MBA, Advisory Board Consulting September 7, 2017

Most of our health system clients are putting less stock in fee-for-service care delivery—whether or not they feel ready to do so. Obama-era reimbursement cuts are still on schedule to reduce payments by $143 billion in 2025 and that's compounded by legislative proposals that would increase cuts to $1.4 trillion. But making a pivot could mean investing tens of millions to build the infrastructure to support value-based care.

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4 reasons your physicians don't read your emails (and what to do about it)

by Matt Cinque and Anderson Williams August 31, 2017

Physicians want to care for their patients. It is their first priority and true professional calling—and certainly every executive strives to support them in this mission.

But often, the sheer volume of well-intentioned communications to support, engage, and align physicians can be overwhelming. Not only does this cause physicians to tune these efforts out, but it also breaks front-line physicians' trust in executives to understand them, or their work as professionals.

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