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Your blueprint for implementing innovation across the medical group

by Rachel Woods and Maria Restuccio November 28, 2018

This year has seen more investment in digital health technology than any other year. Health care startups are leading the market with new innovations and third-party disruptors are entering the health care space for the first time. Medical groups cannot afford to fall behind. As new technologies become cheaper and more widely available, medical group leaders can use these innovations to solve their most pressing business challenges.

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Physician payment 2019: Your 4 biggest takeaways

Hamza Hasan , Daniel Kuzmanovich November 14, 2018

CMS recently released 4,242 pages of final rules affecting payment for physician services in 2019. With several significant updates to both the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) and the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (HOPPS), here are the four biggest things you need to know.

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What NBC's latest medical drama tells us about physician burnout

Rachel Woods , Hamza Hasan October 17, 2018

Editor's note: This story was updated on October 19, 2018.

We've all seen our fair share of medical dramas hit the silver screen. And each time a new health care-related show premiers, it's hard for us in the medical field to match the drama of television with the reality of practicing medicine today.

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Amazon is building its own primary care clinic. Can yours compete?

by Hamza Hasan and Maria Restuccio October 3, 2018

Primary care is central to medical group strategy and a crucial entry point for patients into a health system. But as players like Amazon—which is piloting a state-of-the-art employee clinic that may ultimately expand to outside customers—reset market expectations for primary care, medical group leaders will need to think creatively about how to innovate in this space.

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4 ways to leverage practice managers to lead patient experience efforts

Hamza Hasan , Sarah Hostetter September 19, 2018

With health plan deductibles on the rise and more retail clinics entering the market, medical groups are placing an increased emphasis on meeting consumer demands. Among the most important of these consumer demands is meeting patient experience expectations.

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Want to maximize your APP workforce? Deploy them autonomously.

by Hamza Hasan and Eliza Campbell September 5, 2018

Advanced practice providers (APPs) are a valuable resource to help medical groups expand access, better manage patients, and deliver cost-effective care. Many groups have realized this potential: ambulatory physician offices saw a 27% increase in APPs between 2013 and 2016. And demand for APPs continues to accelerate; there were more recruiting searches for nurse practitioners and physician assistants this past year than ever before.

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Is your medical group ready to manage Medicaid risk?

by Hamza Hasan and Sarah O'Hara August 1, 2018

As the economics of caring for Medicaid patients worsen, several health systems have begun to consider taking on greater Medicaid reimbursement risk. Despite this population's complexity, Medicaid risk can give providers greater flexibility to meet patient needs through better care management.

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How to succeed in genomics? Put physicians in charge!

by Hamza Hasan, Rachel Woods, and Maria Restuccio July 25, 2018

Few innovations in health care have gotten as much attention recently as genetic testing. In fact, in 2017 nearly 1 in 25 Americans had access to their genetic data—and many are showing up to their annual wellness visit looking for answers to their genetic test results. Some projections suggest that the direct-to-consumer genetic testing market will triple by 2022.

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