How to Prepare the Clinic for the Future of Primary Care

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About the Webconference

Payment models are evolving, physician attitudes are shifting, and chronic disease is on the rise. To capture patients and manage their increasingly complex care, providers must keep their clinical settings up to speed with advancements in clinical and information technology.

Explore emerging models in primary care clinic transformation, with a focus on innovations for enhancing the patient experience, elevating clinical outcomes, and right-sizing care.

Learn how to:

  • Build on existing resources and new technology to maximize patient access
  • Design clinical processes that maximize patient-care team interaction
  • Efficiently use existing space for group visits, patient education, and care team meetings

Presenters: Braden Lang, Bill Hudec

Topics: Access to Care, Quality, Performance Improvement, Patient-Focused Care, Methodologies, Patient Portals, Information Technology, Telemedicine, Care Transformation, Practice Management, Physician Issues, Primary Care, Collaborative Relationships, Referral Management, Capacity, Efficiency, Care Coordination