Staffing for Population Health Management

Using Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to Expand Care Access at Lower Cost

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About the Webconference

Employed medical groups are facing pressure from purchasers to gear up for managing population health at affordable prices. This means increasing access and availability while reducing the costs of care. The growing cohort of advanced practitioners (APs)—nurse practitioners and physician assistants—is critical for meeting this need.

How can medical groups best leverage APs to provide cost-effective care? To address this question, we present case studies focusing on three sets of issues:

  • Understanding AP impact on medical group costs and revenues
  • Determining when to use APs versus less costly clinical staff
  • Supporting APs and physicians in increasing AP autonomy, both in the physician practice and in other care settings critical for population management (e.g. home visits)

Presenters: Rivka Friedman & Tiffany Chan

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Topics: Workforce, Nursing, Physician Issues