We are thrilled to announce an additional meeting location in Washington, D.C. for our 2018-19 series. Aimed at senior medical group leaders, these sessions will feature a mixture of Advisory Board research and member-led case studies. Use our locations tab above to find more information about our upcoming sessions.

As the industry’s pace of change continues to accelerate, medical group leaders are asked to deliver on an ever-growing list of system priorities: reduce the health system’s “net investment” in the group, while also expanding ambulatory access, responding to price transparency needs, delivering a better consumer experience, and spearheading the system’s population health needs. While all these goals are important, the sheer volume of demands leaves many group leaders constantly reacting to the latest urgent system request.

As the system’s strategic focus shifts to ambulatory growth, proactive medical group leadership is more necessary than ever. This is the focus on our 2018 national meeting.

Over two days, we’ll review strategies to attain outsized returns from Advanced Practice Providers and examine successful deployment of technological innovation in the ambulatory setting. In particular, we’ll be focusing on what differentiates successful innovators from those that can’t get pilots up and running.

This event is most relevant for strategic and operational leaders of hospital-integrated medical groups such as CEO, COOs, and VPs. We hope you will join us at a meeting!

To find out where all of our sessions will be held and what we'll cover, use the agenda and locations tabs in the navigation above or download our PDF invite.