On September 24, 2019, Advisory Board hosted its first-ever Cross-Industry Value Summit. Why? We think “value” may be the most overused yet least agreed upon term in our health care lexicon. On the surface, most stakeholders align on an aspirational definition of value: the right treatment for the right patient in the right setting at the right time. But all too often, legacy mistrust, siloed perspectives, and competing incentives impede the advancement of common definitions or shared frameworks for truly assessing value in U.S. health care.

In an effort to break down industry barriers and encourage more honest dialogue, this invite-only event convened 40 medical and pharmacy leaders from across the health care ecosystem—payers, providers, employers as well as third party “technology assessment” organizations increasingly opining on the value of new treatments. Scroll to learn more about what attendees took away from the day—watch an event recap video, browse a photo gallery, and read about insights shared.

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“Thank you for the invitation. I thoroughly enjoyed the Summit—it was great to connect with folks across different fields within health care, hear from a variety of experts on how they are thinking about creating value for patients, and reshaping how we approach health and engagement.”

—Participant, life sciences manufacturer

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Meeting Experience

Build bridges across industry silos

Attendees participated in a structured dialogue with forward-thinking leaders—allowing them to listen with an open mind, ask difficult questions, and share honest perspectives

Surface meaningful cross-industry definitions of value

Participants engaged directly with other stakeholders on complex questions to acknowledge biases and identify shared points of view

Identify opportunities to collaborate on measuring value

Attendees discussed how near-term capabilities and innovations in data, analytics, and digital tools can track and catalyze real world outcomes tracking

Featured experts

Sunil S. Budhrani, MD, MPH, MBA

Innovation Health

Elke S. Nelson-Nichols, PhD, MBA

Director, Strategic Initiatives,
ECRI Institute

Leslie Fish, R.Ph, Pharm.D.

Director of Clinical Pharmacy,
IPD Analytics

Tomi Ogundimu

Research Director,
Population Health

Deirdre Saulet

Research Director,
Oncology Services

Natalie Trebes

Research Director,
Health Plan Strategy

Efrem Castillo, MD

Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement

Alex C. McLaren, MD

Vice President of Clinical Outcomes, SharedClarity

Madhavi Kasinadhuni

Research Director, Medical Affairs and Life Sciences

Brandi Greenberg

Managing Director, Life Sciences Research

Haley Wiesman

Research Director, Health System Service Line Strategy

Hani Elias, JD, MPH

Chief Executive Officer,

Srinivas Sridhara

VP Data Science,
Optum Enterprise Analytics

Dave Willis

Vice President, Research
Advisory Board

Megan Tooley

Research Director,
Cardiovascular Services

Becky Tyrrell

Research Director,
Health System Pharmacy
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