Primary Care Physician Loyalty Survey Results Portal

Understand what keeps consumers loyal to their PCP—and what could push them away

Explore the overall results and obtain detailed cohort data cuts from The Primary Care Physician Consumer Loyalty Survey. The Portal database consists of nearly 2,000 consumer survey responses on what would "push" consumers away from their current primary care physician or "pull" them towards a new PCP.

FAQs: Getting started with the Portal

Who should use this tool?
We designed the Primary Care Physician Loyalty Survey Results Portal to help health care planners, business developers, strategists, and marketers analyze scenarios that would cause consumers to switch to a different PCP using different criteria, such as age, income, PCP’s network status, and current wait time to appointment.

How do I use it?
To start, click on the red button above, which will bring you to the Portal homepage. To analyze the scenarios prompting a PCP switch of unique patient sub-populations, click the “Modify Cohort” tab and select the sub-populations of interest.

The chart will display the cohort’s rank of 48 scenarios according to the likelihood each would prompt a switch to a different PCP. The scenarios span seven categories including access, convenience, cost, and reputation, and include changes made by the current PCP and attributes of a new competitor clinic.

What's the benefit?
With just one click of a button, you have access to cohort-specific consumer intelligence for prioritizing your primary care investments to drive consumer loyalty.

Want more detail on the methodology and insights from the survey? Access our research briefing for the Primary Care Physician Consumer Loyalty Survey.

Not familiar with our consumer surveys? Get the top findings in one infographic, or go deeper on results from our recent specialty care survey.

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