Network Integration Diagnostic

Pinpoint gaps in your care continuum

To meet patients’ needs across the continuum, providers need to integrate care delivery across sites and service lines. Whether you are one hospital or a multi-hospital system, you need to understand where gaps are hindering performance on patient retention, care coordination, capacity and access efficiency, and clinical standardization. 

The Network Integration Diagnostic allows you to find opportunities for improvement and identify which integration gaps are causing poor performance. Use this tool to:

  • Identify which relationships (e.g. primary care physician to specialist or inpatient to outpatient leaders) may require strengthening
  • Evaluate the relationship to understand key areas for improvement (e.g. incentive design)
  • Understand which strategic objectives will benefit from improved coordination

Tool Basics

Suggested users

This tool is intended for strategic planners, marketers and service line leaders.

Estimated completion time

15-20 minutes

Required inputs

Answers to targeted questions about performance in patient retention, care coordination, capacity efficiency & access, clinical standardization, infrastructure, and coordination across sites.


• Organization-wide performance score for patient retention, care coordination, capacity efficiency and access, and clinical standardization
• Specific relationships with an opportunity for improved integration
• List of elements leaders should apply to strengthen integration for each relationship

Network Integration Diagnostic tool

Network Integration Diagnostic tool

Access your complete assessment

This two-step assessment enables planners, marketers and service line leaders to identify where and how to strengthen coordination to improve performance on strategic objectives.

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