Medicare Total Share Performance Assessment

Expand your view of market performance

Most provider organizations track market share by measuring procedure share—the percentage of procedures in the market performed at their facilities. While this is an important measure, you also need to identify opportunities to connect with physicians and patients. To fully evaluate improvement opportunities, leaders need answers to three questions:

  • Where are our service gaps or redundancies across the care continuum?
  • Are we supporting physicians in serving patients?
  • How well are we reaching patients with our services?

Tool Basics

Suggested users

Strategy officers, strategic planners, business development officers, marketers, and physician liaisons.

Estimated completion time



• Share of Medicare claims and payments for your primary service area
• Share of cross-continuum services by service line and site of service
• Share of physicians by specialty and site of service
• Share of patients by number of chronic conditions and site of service

Total Share Performance Assessment tool

Access your complete assessment

This assessment provides an organization-specific breakdown of your facility’s Medicare market share from multiple perspectives—share of revenue, share of services, share of physicians, and share of population.

To view market share by service line, click the red "Navigation" button and choose inpatient or outpatient services.

For physician share specialty, click the red "Navigation" button and choose unaffiliated or affiliated physicians.

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