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The 3 most important considerations for patients deciding on bariatric surgery

by Kaci Brooks and Sarah Musco June 27, 2019

Latent demand in weight-loss surgery as a treatment for obesity exists in many markets, but obesity prevalence is not a driving factor of bariatric surgery utilization. According to a recent study by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, the states with the highest prevalence of obesity are also the states with poorly performing state economies—and also have low rates of weight-loss surgery per capita, as most of them do not list surgery as an essential health benefit (EHB) under the Affordable Care Act, which means payers are not required to cover the surgeries.

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Which on-demand access point is right for you? 4 questions to guide your next outpatient investment.

by Tara Viviani and Lauren Lawton June 18, 2019

With hospital volumes continuing to decline, more health systems are evaluating opportunities for outpatient sites of care. And as competition heats up in the outpatient space, it's more important than ever to appeal to consumers by offering what they value most: convenience and access. 

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Overwhelmed by Medicare's 600-page telehealth rule? Here are the 2 key takeaways.

by Samara Ford and Anna Yakovenko June 13, 2019

In January, we commented on a proposed policy that would allow Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to expand telehealth coverage in a more budget-friendly way. The recently finalized rule is doing exactly that—and more. Here's what the final version does, and why we think it will increase telehealth adoption among Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

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Rethinking your rural hospital strategy? Answer these 4 guiding questions.

by Allison Weiss and Lauren Lawton June 6, 2019

More than 100 of America's rural hospitals have closed in the last nine years. And as inpatient volumes lag and profit margins shrink, rural hospitals will continue to face challenges to their solvency. 

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How one organization expanded orthopedic access without burning out their physicians

by Nahiyan Khan and Sebastian Beckmann May 28, 2019

Every weekend, countless young athletes and weekend warriors find themselves with a sports injury in need of a quick fix. As the demand for accessible orthopedic care continues to grow, many health systems are starting to offer services in an on-demand, orthopedic urgent care center.

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All surprise, no party: How unexpected medical bills may drive away your patients

by Sherri Afshani and Emily Heuser May 14, 2019

Amid rising drug costs, an ongoing opioid epidemic, and looming uncertainty over the future of Medicare, surprise medical bills emerge as one of patients' greatest concerns—and a key (dis)loyalty driver.


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Transgender patients need more than surgery-only care. Here's how to meet their needs.

by Kaci Brooks May 7, 2019

When systems think about gender-affirming services, surgery is often the first thing that comes to mind—and given that payers have started covering these surgeries, provider interest in these programs has spiked.

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Advocate's volunteer-based navigator program cut readmissions and saved costs. Here's how.

by Ben Wheeler and Sebastian Beckmann April 30, 2019

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center developed a new patient navigation strategy to improve new referral growth and transitions of care in a highly competitive market—and by implementing a collaborative, volunteer-based program, Advocate also made progress against multiple quality and financial metrics.

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