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Canceling elective surgeries? These 5 factors can help you estimate the revenue loss.

by Kaci Brooks, Sebastian Beckmann, and Lauren Lawton March 31, 2020

Many hospitals have canceled or postponed elective surgeries for the next few weeks or months. While this move is important for creating capacity for COVID-19 patients, it will also create financial challenges for many hospitals.

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3 ways Covid-19 is changing pregnancy for patients and providers

by Tara Viviani and Lauren Lawton March 24, 2020

There is still a lot we don't know about the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy. There have been only a few studies published to-date, and while there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is subject to intrauterine transmission or increases risk of maternal death, research suggests it may have indirect adverse effects on newborns. It's important to note that these studies were extremely limited in sample size, and there has been some debate on the appropriateness of creating broad clinical guidelines based on select findings.

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Hospitals are cancelling elective surgeries amid coronavirus crisis. Here's why.

by Kaci Brooks, Sebastian Beckmann, and Lauren Lawton March 19, 2020

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) and CMS have called for a nationwide curtailing of elective procedures during the current crisis. It is paramount that all hospitals, even those without immediate plans to cancel elective surgeries, have a service restriction plan in place in the event of a drastic change in staff shortages or increased demand.

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How to mitigate the long-term effect of OB unit closures—for health systems and patients

by Allison Weiss and Lauren Lawton March 10, 2020

More U.S. hospitals are closing their obstetrics (OB) units. Between 2004 and 2014, 179 rural hospital systems closed OB units, affecting access to care for more than 28 million women of reproductive age living in rural America. And there's no sign of this trend slowing down, with 21% of all rural hospitals in the United States currently at risk of closing unless financial situations improve.

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How one hospital is incorporating voice assistants into care delivery

By Kaci Brooks and Emily Heuser March 3, 2020

How is Baker Medical Center using Alexa?

Baker Medical Center (pseudonym) piloted a program that put voice assistants in patient rooms so that patients could interact with nurses and control their entertainment hands free. The voice assistants run on an Alexa-powered platform that routes requests directly to the correct nurse's phone, and is also compatible with Google Home.

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You've adapted to orthopedic consumerism. But does your consumerism strategy really reflect patients' care preferences?

by Rob Ryan and Sebastian Beckmann February 27, 2020

The rise of consumerism is nothing new. Yet in orthopedic care, the urgency for your program to adopt a consumer-focused mindset has never been greater—35% of orthopedic patients self-refer.

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FAQs: Employer centers of excellence networks

by Avery Morrison and Colin Gelbaugh February 18, 2020

Centers of excellence (COEs) are gaining popularity thanks to increased activism from large self-insured employers like Walmart, Boeing, Lowe's, and General Electric, who aim to reduce inappropriate care and curb costs. In fact, 27% of large employers will expand their COE offerings to address additional conditions and procedures in 2020.

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3 ways the 2020 service line technology compendiums can help address your planning needs

by Elena Price and Sebastian Beckmann February 13, 2020

Planners at a hospital (anonymous for the purposes of this post) were looking for a strategy to set their neurosurgery program apart from market competitors. They believed that investing in a new, cutting-edge technology would attract patient interest, but they didn't know which device was a best fit for their organization.

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