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Are you measuring market share correctly?

Madhavi Kasinadhuni, Marketing and Planning Leadership Council

If your hospital is like most, you track market share by measuring procedure share—the percentage of procedures in the market performed at your facilities. While this continues to be an important measure, it only gives you insight into one piece of an increasingly competitive landscape.

To grow in today’s marketplace, provider organizations, independent hospitals and integrated systems alike, must identify opportunities to connect with physicians and patients across the full care continuum. To fully evaluate growth opportunities, planners, marketers, business developers and service line leaders need to answer three key questions.

  1. How competitive is our organization across the care continuum?
  2. How strong are our physician relationships?
  3. How well are we reaching patients with our services?

A tool for new market share analytics at your fingertips

The Marketing and Planning Leadership Council’s new Total Share Performance Assessment can help you answer these questions. Based on our Total Share framework, the tool analyzes your Medicare claims data and calculates your market share from multiple perspectives:

  • Share of revenue: What share of total revenue (all healthcare spending) is yours?
  • Share of cross-continuum services: What share of total services consumed do you provide?
  • Share of physicians: What share of physicians referring patients in your market is affiliated with you?
  • Share of patient: What share of patients consuming health services access care at your institution?

Access to this tool is included within your Marketing and Planning Leadership Council membership.


Access your market share data now

The tool allows you access to your data for:

  • Market share trends across 2009-2011
  • Service share by facility-type
  • Physician share by specialty and site of service
  • Patient share by number of chronic conditions and site of service

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More on Measuring Market Share

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