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Freestanding imaging strategy: The good, the bad—and what it means for you

by Matt Morrill and Domenica Gilbert  April 25, 2017

High quality, fast service, and low price: Health care consumers, especially your imaging patients, want it all. However, succeeding at all three is no small task. 

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A win-win: How Mass General cut ED visits by 13% and addressed health disparities

by David Vuletich and Nadeem Farooqi April 18, 2017

Health disparities disproportionally drive ED visits and readmissions and can lead to high financial penalties for organizations. 

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Colonoscopy volumes are at risk. Here are 4 ways planners should protect them.

by Haley Wiesman and Chelsea Tisosky April 11, 2017

Last month—Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month—brought some good news: Recent reports show that colorectal screening rates have gone up. Still, we have a ways to go: nearly half of adults don't get screened when they should, and a recent spike in colorectal cancer rates among millennials has caused alarm.

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Drive value with these 3 oncology care models

by Matt Morrill and Emily Johnson April 4, 2017

You probably know that end-of-life care is often expensive, fragmented, and wasteful. But do you know what to do about it? 

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A surprising trend in telehealth: It's growing—but not where you might expect

by Tracy Walsh and Cara Goerlich March 30, 2017

Most strategic planners and service line leaders know that telehealth activity has significantly expanded over the past 10 years, but do you know which services are driving that growth?

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Don't forget these 3 groups in your 2017 bariatrics strategy

by Sarah Musco and Pranav Kaul March 22, 2017

Historically, many programs have invested in bariatrics services due to steady demand and favorable margins. However, bariatrics programs face a steep set of challenges in 2017: low payer coverage, variable patient outcomes, and costly procedures.

To grow this consumer-driven service line moving forward, planners must deliver on three key priorities: target consumers to secure growth, improve outcomes through multidisciplinary care, and educate physicians on low-cost and high-quality procedures.

Below, we outline how to do just that.

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Want to build share? Modernize your market evaluation strategy

David Vuletich March 13, 2017

Strategic planners are no longer just decision supporters; they're also decision leaders. With their changing role, planners need to rethink how they evaluate their market and prioritize opportunity.

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4 key insights from your 669 telehealth questions

by Lauren Lawton March 7, 2017

In 2015, we analyzed our members' telehealth questions and identified four key trends. This year, we've refreshed our analysis to understand what the 669 telehealth-related questions submitted by members over the past two years reveal about the recent changes in the industry.

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