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Loneliness affects people's health—and addressing it could support your bottom line

by Nadeem Farooqi and Alicia Daugherty August 21, 2018

New research revealed a troubling statistic: Nearly half of Americans are lonely. What makes this news increasingly stark is that loneliness is directly correlated with cognitive decline, weight gain, depression, recurrent stroke, and early death.

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New research could shrink chemotherapy growth predictions. Here are 2 ways to prepare.

by Sarah Musco and Ruby Higbee-Velasquez August 9, 2018

Two recent studies found evidence that some breast cancer patients may need less chemotherapy. Through genetic testing, the studies identified select groups of patients diagnosed with breast cancer who could either completely forego chemotherapy or have their treatment exposure cut in half.

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CMS wants to expand telehealth coverage. Here's what that means for you.

by Emily Johnson and Anna Yakovenko August 2, 2018

Medicare, the country's largest payer, has historically been slower than other payers to reimburse for telehealth—which has inhibited telehealth adoption and investment. However, a new CMS proposal looks to significantly expand the types of telehealth services covered by Medicare.

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Four lessons on reducing no-show rates with hospital-provided transportation

Emily Zuehlke Heuser , Anna Yakovenko July 24, 2018

When Valley Health's community needs assessment showed patients were having trouble getting to appointments, the strategy team at one of their system hospitals—Page Memorial Hospital in Luray, Virginia—investigated rideshare options as a solution to meet demand and appeal to more consumers.

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3 ways to maximize primary care access for vulnerable populations

by Lauren Lawton and Haley David July 17, 2018

Editor's Note: This blog is a rebroadcast of Get at the root cause of your primary care access problem. It may not be what you think, originally posted by Clare Wirth, Tomi Ogundimu, and Darby Sullivan. This rebroadcast is tailored for strategic planning audiences.

Primary care is your system's front door. Not only does enhanced primary care access enable more patients to enter the system, but targeted access for at-risk patients can help reduce avoidable utilization, manage care in a low-cost setting, and prevent disease escalation.

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Vertical integration: Welcome to health care's 'turducken' era

by Anna Yakovenko and Jodi Askew July 10, 2018

Turducken (noun): an increasingly popular Thanksgiving main course consisting of a chicken stuffed within a duck stuffed within a turkey.

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3 trends in sleep services providers should be prepared for

by Carrie Wolf and Sarah Musco June 18, 2018

Although patients are more engaged in their sleep health than ever before and demand for care is climbing steadily, running a sleep services program isn't a guaranteed win for hospitals. When planners are developing their sleep center's strategic plan, they should be aware of the three key forces affecting the sleep health market—and the strategies needed to adapt accordingly.

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How a perioperative surgical protocol improves outcomes for spine patients

by Jackie Kimmell and Sarah Musco June 6, 2018

First pioneered for patients undergoing colorectal surgery in 2010, the Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) patient protocol is now gaining traction across a variety of different procedures, including surgical spine. That's because this patient-centered, evidence-based medicine protocol has proven effective in lowering complication rates, reducing length of stay, and minimizing costs for hospitals.

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