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Don't forget these 3 groups in your 2017 bariatrics strategy

by Sarah Musco and Pranav Kaul March 22, 2017

Historically, many programs have invested in bariatrics services due to steady demand and favorable margins. However, bariatrics programs face a steep set of challenges in 2017: low payer coverage, variable patient outcomes, and costly procedures.

To grow this consumer-driven service line moving forward, planners must deliver on three key priorities: target consumers to secure growth, improve outcomes through multidisciplinary care, and educate physicians on low-cost and high-quality procedures.

Below, we outline how to do just that.

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Want to build share? Modernize your market evaluation strategy

David Vuletich March 13, 2017

Strategic planners are no longer just decision supporters; they're also decision leaders. With their changing role, planners need to rethink how they evaluate their market and prioritize opportunity.

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4 key insights from your 669 telehealth questions

by Lauren Lawton March 7, 2017

In 2015, we analyzed our members' telehealth questions and identified four key trends. This year, we've refreshed our analysis to understand what the 669 telehealth-related questions submitted by members over the past two years reveal about the recent changes in the industry.

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Set your social media strategy apart with 3 best practices

by Sarah Izzo March 1, 2017

You're likely among the 94% of U.S. hospitals that have a Facebook account. Your organization may even use additional social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube—but are your strategies attracting patients, scaling word-of-mouth marketing, and maximizing on the right engagement moments? 

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Your top specialized clinic questions—answered

by Mouli Chakravarty February 24, 2017

Our members are asking about specialized clinics now more than ever.

To save you valuable time, we've pulled together answers to your top specialized clinic questions: What are they, what do they actually look like, and are they a smart investment?

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2 smart ways to use data to prove your population health work's value

by Sebastian Beckmann February 14, 2017

The future of population health is uncertain. In a changing regulatory environment, we're recommending a pivot to "no-regrets strategies," especially around consumer-oriented services. But that's not to say you should put your population health initiatives on hold. Rather, you'll want to use data to track them effectively in order to realize value and secure growth.

North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) of the Hudson Valley has followed this best practice through its partnership with Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH), a 192-bed acute care hospital in Hudson, NY. Together, they built CMH's Orthopedic Wellness Center, led by Dr. Chris Gorczynski.

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Why your hospital needs a 'man cave': 3 tactics to appeal to men

by Zack Panos February 7, 2017

If you've found it more difficult to get male patients in the door than female patients, you're not alone.

Despite having chronic and unique health issues such as heart disease and prostate cancer, men are generally less open to receiving care than women. In fact, men spend approximately $1,000 less on health care per year than women do.

To bridge this utilization gap, some providers are developing formalized men's health programs to attract male patients. However, health systems must ensure that their programs actually deliver on what men want.

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Telehealth's year in review: 5 trends in state policies

by Paul Elish January 26, 2017

Many states across the country made significant changes to their telehealth policies in 2016, particularly around coverage expansion and standards for using telehealth to enhance care delivery. To understand how the telehealth policy reforms from the past year will impact your organization in 2017 and beyond, look to these five trends:

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