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3 ways to set your service line leaders up for strategic success

Megan Tooley Director June 16, 2020

Welcome to "Field Report," a new series where Advisory Board experts weigh in on what they are hearing from health care organizations across the country. In this edition, Megan Director, who spends her time working with executive teams on system service line strategy and business development, weighs in on what she is learning from organizations across the country.

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4 data-driven ways to win millennial patients' loyalty

by Sharareh Afshani and Rebecca Tyrrell June 3, 2020

Millennials are the largest living generation in the United States. Yet, despite their numbers, many providers don't fully understand the nuances in this group's unique health care preferences and needs.

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Q&A: Hospital communication strategies must evolve with Covid-19. Here's how.

Shay Pratt June 1, 2020

Dan Miers, Chief Strategy Officer at SPM Marketing & Communications, recently spoke with Advisory Board's Shay Pratt to discuss how hospital and health system communication strategies must evolve now and in the future in light of Covid-19.

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Q&A: The right (and wrong) ways to talk with patients who are frightened to seek care

by Anna Yakovenko, Colin Gelbaugh, Nick Hauger, and Meredith Crenca May 20, 2020

Sasha Boghosian, Executive Vice President and Head of Insights at ReviveHealth, recently spoke with Advisory Board's Anna Yakovenko, Colin Gelbaugh, Nick Hauger, and Meredith Crenca to discuss patient perceptions of care during Covid-19 and how health systems should be communicating with their patients about their current and future care needs.

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Virtual PT is a necessity today. Could it be a major growth driver tomorrow?

by Jai Seth May 19, 2020

When the country's Covid-19 epidemic forced many clinician offices to close, physical therapy (PT) and rehab providers had to rethink how they provide care.

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Ready to restart elective surgeries? Here are 3 steps to prioritize your services.

Lauren Lawton April 27, 2020

After weeks of procedure delays, health system leaders are looking to relaunch their elective services. But once you've determined when you can safely resume elective services, you'll need to tackle the how.

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When should you resume elective surgeries? Here's how to know.

by Shay Pratt and Rachel Matthews April 20, 2020

Even though most communities continue to practice social distancing, health system strategy leaders are preparing their plans to restart elective procedures and services. To safely restart, leaders must be confident that their communities and organizations are on the downslope of the Covid-19 curve. While the White House's proposed gating criteria discourages the opening of elective surgeries without a 14-day decrease in the number of cases and positive tests, the recommendation could be unnecessarily prohibitive, particularly to communities who do not meet the criteria but also lack enough Covid-19 hospitalizations to warrant an elective surgery shutdown.

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