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The big reason you need to be ready for bundles: Private payers

by Tracy Walsh and Austin Terry August 14, 2017

Recent studies support that Medicare bundled payments have reduced joint replacement costs, with one system reporting cost reductions of more than 20%. It's no surprise, then, that private payers are creating their own orthopedic bundles—even as CMS debates the future of the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program.

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How to make your accreditation meaningful for 'shopping' cancer patients

by Matt Morrill and Emily Johnson August 8, 2017

Accreditations show cancer patients that your program offers the things they care about. In the Oncology Roundtable's 2015 Cancer Patient Experience Survey, cancer patients said the three most important factors for them when choosing a cancer program were:

  1. That the program has a doctor who specializes in their particular cancer;
  2. The program's treatment and technology options; and
  3. The program's clinical quality.

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How to get the most out of your planning analytics

by Madhavi Kasinadhuni August 4, 2017

Planning teams must account for a range of shifting market conditions: more ambulatory, retail, and startup competitors are entering the market; there is increasing uncertainty around local and national policy; the payer mix is diversifying—and those are just a few examples among many.

Thankfully, different in-kind data and tools that address these changes are entering the market. However, you'll need the right strategy to generate insights when dealing with data from multiple sources.

As you evaluate where to invest next, consider these four critical success factors. They'll help you to surface actionable priorities and get the most out of your planning analytics.

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Innovation: From buzzword to strategic asset

by Alicia Daugherty and Nadeem Farooqi July 31, 2017

“Reduce care variation and costs.” “Attract talent.” “Appeal to patients as consumers.” These aren't just buzzwords often heard in the boardroom—they're important growth strategies for health care organizations.

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3 ways Spectrum Health boosted virtual visit volume by 183%

by Tracy Walsh and Cara Goerlich July 27, 2017

More than 75% of consumers are interested in trying a virtual visit, but bridging the gap between interest and adoption can be a challenge.

Marketing can be a powerful tool to attract consumers to a telehealth platform. All too often, though, advertising campaigns ignore key consumer decision-makers, take the physician rather than patient perspective, and don't accurately measure marketing success.

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3 ways Intermountain improved its OR efficiency

Sarah Musco July 25, 2017

The operating room is one of the highest cost centers of a hospital—it can often account for more than 40% of an organization's total expenses. As a result, planners are exploring ways to improve OR efficiency by reducing high, unnecessary costs.

In response to cost pressure, Intermountain Healthcare looked at cumulative tardiness in their operating room schedule and noticed three contributing factors: first case on-time starts, case duration, and turnover time. As a result, the organization developed a three-pronged approach to increase efficiency and improve access for both surgeons and patients.

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Consumer experience at ASCs is increasingly important to payers and patients. Here's how to respond.

by Haley Wiesman and Chelsea Tisosky July 21, 2017

Medicare's ASC Quality Reporting (ASCQR) program is nothing new: Ambulatory surgery centers have been reporting quality information, such as the rate of patient safety incidents, since 2014, with results first publicly reported in 2017. But looking forward, things are likely to change: while CMS has proposed delaying mandatory reporting of the five quality measures that are derived from the Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey indefinitely, ASCs will likely be on the hook for consumer experience in the future.

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Improve the patient experience—and boost profitability—with PFACs

by Matt Morrill and Elizabeth Caniano July 12, 2017

Your PFAC—patient family advisory council—may be one of your most valuable and underutilized resources.

These groups, which typically consist of 5 to 20 patients and family members, provide hospital leaders with constructive feedback around issues such as improving the patient experience. PFACs can also be important thought partners for strategic planners. 

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