Crisis Plans

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Bomb Threat

 The document provides a step-by-step guide for action following a bomb threat.

Emergency Preparedness Plan 

This document was designed to serve as the hospital's emergency preparedness plan and addresses terms commonly used in crisis situations and key procedures. The plan also outlines the roles and responsibilities of hospital personnel by department and provides a template for evaluating resources during a crisis. The appendix includes an external disaster census form and a disaster announcement matrix.

Emergency Preparedness Plan, II

This policy statement describes the medical center’s communication plan following requests for patient information, disasters, and inclement weather. The protocol for releasing patient information clearly defines what details may be disclosed about an admitted patient, including prominent individuals and inmates. The disaster and inclement weather plans delineate the responsibilities of public relations personnel during these situations.

General & Infant Abduction 

This policy statement describes the hospital’s communication plan following the abduction of a newborn. This protocol serves as the standard communication plan during any crisis, and delineates crisis communication team members, target audiences, and procedures involved in media management during crises.

General, Infant Abduction, & Workplace Violence 

This document describes the hospital's crisis plan for responding to a crisis generally and addresses strategies for internal communication, organizational procedures, and media relations. The plan also provides more specific steps for crisis management in cases of infant abduction and workplace violence.

Infant Abduction 

This document describes the hospital's infant abduction plan, including a glossary of key terms and an outline of the roles and responsibilities of personnel and procedures during and post-crisis.

Radiation Exposure 

This document describes the hospital’s radiation exposure plan and includes a glossary of key terms.

Utility Failure 

Designed to serve as the hospital's utility failure response plan, this document outlines procedures for temporarily restoring medical gas and vacuum, clean water, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services using alternative sources.

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