Welcome to the future of market development

Introducing the Market Innovation Center

We’ve reimagined the Advisory Board’s strategic planning and business development research program. Welcome to the Market Innovation Center.

Planners and business developers are juggling more—more uncertainty about the future, more difficult investment decisions, and more stakeholders to manage. So we’re giving you more help envisioning your future market, evaluating new types of investments, and leading stakeholders to decisions. Our new investments include:

  • New forecasting and scenario planning tools
  • New consumer surveys, insights, and benchmarks on different-in-kind investments
  • New planning skills curriculum, stakeholder persuasion tools, and benchmarks for staffing and structuring your department

With these new resources comes a new name. The Marketing and Planning Leadership Council is now the Market Innovation Center. Rest assured that these new offerings are included in your membership and that members will continue to have access to the research, tools, and templates created under the Council brand.

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New market analytics

What will our outpatient volumes be in 2020? How many extra cardiologists will we need? How will that change if technology adoption moves faster than we expect?

We’re giving you a clearer view of your future market—future volumes, consumer preferences, physician demand, and payment shifts.

  • Check out our new Physician Demand Estimator, which shows which specialties and subspecialties may soon be oversupplied or undersupplied in your market relative to any other market in the country.
  • Use our Market Shock Planners to evaluate the impact of major market changes on your organization’s performance. Our first one looks at private exchanges. Tell us what other shocks we should cover.
  • Stay tuned for the Demographics Profiler and exciting updates to our demand forecasting tools coming later this fall 2015.

New consumer surveys, investment insights, and benchmarks

Should you invest in an urgent care partnership or women’s midlife center? Will 65 year-olds use an e-visit platform? How many square feet will you need for an employer onsite clinic?

We’re giving you detailed intelligence to evaluate new services and competitors—retail, virtual care, mobile apps, generation-specific investments, etc.

Planning leadership forum

What new capabilities does my team need? How can I help our physicians understand the realities we’re facing? How do I game out a new partnership?

We’re giving you step-wise support for leading staff, internal stakeholders, and external partners through challenging decisions and trade-offs.

Register now for the inaugural national meeting

The inaugural Market Innovation Center national meeting series will bring together planners, business developers, and marketers for robust discussion of how to lead your organization to efficient, confident growth strategy decisions. The agenda will include:

  • Scenario planning against market shock
  • Future of consumer research
  • Leading stakeholders to decisions
  • Designing the growth strategy organization

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