Survey results: How planning departments are reorganizing

At most organizations, the job description for today’s strategic planner looks nothing like the one from five years ago. Planning departments are stretched thinner than ever as teams work to:

  • Integrate planning and delivery across sites, service lines, and the care continuum
  • Gather intelligence on emerging, different-in-kind competitors
  • Facilitate consensus among stakeholders with competing incentives and no pre-existing relationships
  • Structure and manage partnerships with different-in-kind organizations
  • Respond to interest in “big data” and predictive modeling to drive evidence-based decisions

To meet these new demands, planning executives are restructuring their departments and reprioritizing their teams’ efforts. We asked 132 planners at hospitals, health systems and academic medical centers across the country to tell us how planning is changing at their organization and how they’re changing with it. We’ve distilled their responses into three takeaways.

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