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You know you need to expand access to primary care services. But do you need a group practice or an urgent care center? Should you extend hours at current locations, or open new locations closer to patients' homes? Will patients be willing to see an NP instead of an MD?

We have some answers. Our 2014 Primary Care Consumer Choice Survey asked nearly 4,000 consumers to tell us what appeals to them when choosing a clinic for a low acuity illness like the flu. Take our brief quiz and see how your assumptions about consumer preferences stack up to our initial findings, or check out the results for a summary of the top 10 clinic attributes.

Question 1: Out of 56 statements, the most preferred attribute was:

Question 2: Six out of the top 10 consumer preferences for a primary care clinic were related to:

Question 3: Which extended hours option would consumers rather have?

Question 4: Consumers prefer a primary clinic to be located near which one of the following?

Question 5: Which of these quality and reputation attributes came out on top?

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