Marketing 2020 survey results: Roles diversifying and expanding

Alicia Daugherty,
Marketing and Planning Leadership Council

The results from our Marketing 2020 survey are in. Members from 60 institutions offered their insights on the key priorities and challenges facing marketing departments and the marketer role of the future.

Across the board, marketers’ roles have already expanded dramatically in response to changing market dynamics, and members anticipate assuming additional responsibilities in the coming two years.

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Marketer roles evolving rapidly

As M&A and physician employment activity continue, marketers are racing to integrate new acquisitions under the system brand and use scale to improve efficiency. 77% of respondents now spend 15% or more of department effort on integrating marketing efforts across the health system.

Marketers are also supporting efforts to improve patient experience and engagement in care compliance, with 43% of institutions reporting significant marketing involvement. Risk-based payment models, appropriateness scrutiny, and increased patient cost sharing are heightening focus on HCAHPS scores and outcomes metrics. In response, health systems are tapping marketers’ behavior change expertise to assist both patients and clinicians in modifying behaviors.

Marketing 2020 survey results: Roles diversifying and expanding

Strong growth predicted

Across the next two years, marketers only expect their new responsibilities to grow. Nearly all respondents anticipate spending significantly more time on social media (47%), patient engagement (51%), and patient experience (49%), with more than half also expecting system integration and employer relationships to demand additional department attention.

Marketing 2020 survey results: Roles diversifying and expanding

No respite in sight

Health systems are adding more to marketers’ plates but removing little in exchange. At least 88% of respondents continue to bear responsibility for marketing communications, marketing strategy, social media, and public relations. Not surprisingly, perhaps, many respondents are seeking support from external firms: more than 55% of respondents are outsourcing a portion of marketing communications efforts, and 44% are receiving support on marketing strategy. Notably, while only 16% of internal marketing departments are supporting patient satisfaction efforts, 35% of institutions are engaging external firms.

Marketing 2020 survey results: Roles diversifying and expanding

New research: Marketing 2020

To assist member marketers in preparing for these new roles, the Marketing and Planning Leadership Council is launching a new research initiative, Marketing 2020. This series of webconferences and white papers will offer innovative practices and insights for addressing the key challenges marketers face in navigating these new roles.

  • Register now for the first webconference in the series. We will outline key forces affecting marketing strategy and system competition and describe six core competencies that health system marketers must master to support changing provider goals. Register.