Imaging Market Price Sensitivity Diagnostic

Will you lose patients to lower-cost facilities?

This interactive, web-based tool is intended to help members assess their primary market’s price sensitivity focusing on three parameters—their patients, hospital and non-hospital competitors, and third-party payers.

Tool Basics

Suggested users

• Hospital executives
• Imaging directors
• Planners
• Analysts
• Finance leaders

Estimated completion time


5-10 minutes


Find out if your imaging program is vulnerable to patient or payer steerage to lower-cost facilities, and how your prices compare to the competition. Structured as a three-part, 10-question survey asking members to assess patient demographics, price comparisons and advertising, and payer interest in risk-based payment models, the final result will provide three price sensitivity gauges:

Patient price sensitivity: The relative possibility that patients may forego care at your program due to price

Competitor price vulnerability: Your susceptibility to lower-priced competitors taking market share

Payer price sensitivity: The existing likelihood of significant volume loss due to payer steerage

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