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5 topics that have our imaging experts' attention

by Sarah Hostetter

Every year, we ask our members to help us decide what to research—and 2016 is shaping up to be all about Medicare payment, imaging's role in population health, systemness, and technologist productivity. We’ll be sharing some case studies and tactics here on our blog, but to get the big picture on each of these topics, join us for our 2016 Imaging Performance Partnership National Meeting.

1. 2016 volumes projections: Overall, we anticipate modest growth in the outpatient and ED space for 2016, while inpatient volumes are projected to contract. As a result, imaging programs are looking for new, non-traditional ways to grow their volumes.

2. Impact of Medicare reimbursement updates: 2015-2016 Medicare reimbursement changes will have a two-fold impact on imaging. Not only do they set the stage for future bundling of imaging services, but they also encourage the adoption of new technology.

3. Imaging’s contribution to population health: Although often an afterthought in the shift to value-based care, imaging has opportunities to help the broader health system achieve success under alternative payment models by leading initiatives that improve quality and lower cost. We're working on generating imaging-specific population health benchmarks, best practices, and insights on how imaging fits into value-based care.

4. How to achieve systemness in imaging: Hospital consolidation has placed increasing importance on systemizing the imaging enterprise. We're researching imaging systemization, including how to create a system-wide governance structure and strategy, integrate IT and finance, and staff efficiently across the system.

5. Productivity benchmarks: Technologist productivity is top-of-mind for many of our members, which is why we launched the Imaging Productivity Benchmark Generator. This tool leverages survey data to enable imaging leaders to benchmark their facility’s performance against their peers.

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