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The present and future of PET in imaging

by Lea Halim and Ty Aderhold May 19, 2017

Positron emission tomography, or PET, is a functional imaging technique that utilizes radionuclides to observe functional processes in the body. The PET/computed tomography (CT) combination allows for both the structure and the biochemical processes to be shown in an image, which has made PET/CT widely used in oncology. 

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How imaging leaders should respond to controversial breast density notification laws

by Lea Halim and Pooja Desai May 3, 2017

Since Connecticut passed the nation's first breast density notification law in 2009, many other states have followed suit. As of today, 32 states have passed breast density notification laws, 12 of which were signed in the past two years alone.

Though notification laws are intended to increase transparency in women's health and improve access to alternative screening, the diversity of legislative requirements have left many questioning how they can be improved.

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Clinical Decision Support: The first step to quality in imaging

by Sruti Nataraja and Ty Aderhold April 11, 2017

In imaging, quality truly begins at the ordering stage. Ensuring that only the most appropriate imaging exams take place is the first step to high quality imaging. 

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Patient first: Optimize care delivery by offering longitudinal IR services

by Sruti Nataraja and Pooja Desai March 31, 2017

Consider this scenario: You're due for an elective surgery. Before your scheduled procedure, you meet with your surgeon, receive education, and ask detailed questions. As a result, you arrive the day of your procedure prepared and knowledgeable about what to expect.

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Why improving access is a win-win for imaging patients and providers

by Sruti Nataraja and Erin Lane March 28, 2017

In an era of taxi-apps, instant grocery delivery, and even on-demand dry-cleaning, convenience is king for winning consumers. In many ways, health care is no different. 

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Should you open a lower-priced imaging site?

Miriam Sznycer-Taub March 1, 2017

As patients are increasingly shopping for imaging services, it can be tempting to open a lower-priced imaging site.

Such facilities can increase capacity and market share by appealing to price-sensitive consumers—but there are also risks to this type of venture. Opening a new facility requires a large capital investment, and imaging leaders must be careful to avoid cannibalizing volumes at existing sites of care. So how do you know if a lower-priced site of care is right for you? 

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What we learned from surveying 12,000 imaging managers: Education is crucial to engagement

Lea Halim February 17, 2017

"What do my imaging leaders need?"

I would bet many hospital and imaging executives are asking themselves this question right now.

To help find the answer, I recently pulled blinded engagement data for over 12,000 imaging managers complied by Advisory Board's Survey Solutions team, which distributes surveys to the full staff of member hospitals.

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The first step in radiation safety: Evaluate your culture

by Ty Aderhold February 13, 2017

Slowly but surely, the use of higher-dose radiation procedures such as CT and interventional radiology has been rising. In the last 15 years alone, the number of CT exams has nearly tripled—and CT examinations have doubled in the past 20 years for children under five, who are at a greater risk for complications due to radiation exposure.

So how can imaging departments remain vigilant in regards to radiation safety?

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