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How Medicare's final rules affect imaging in 2020

by Liam Frieswick and Ty Aderhold, edited by Erin Lane January 7, 2020

Recently, CMS released final rules governing hospital outpatient facility and provider payments for calendar year (CY) 2020. To help you understand new payment changes and regulatory updates, we read through more than 2,500 pages and identified four key takeaways for imaging leaders and radiologists.

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Need help reducing sedation use for pediatric patients? Ask the Avengers.

by Liam Frieswick and Matt Morrill October 31, 2019

Managing pediatric imaging patients can be difficult due to sedation requirements, but one health system thinks it's found a way to ease patients' worries while improving throughput and reducing costs.

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Are your radiologists overworked? Here are 2 ways to delegate their workload.

by Matt Morrill and Catherine Kosse October 11, 2019

One of the most common metrics measuring radiologist productivity is turnaround time, with radiologists continually pushed to work more efficiently. But the push toward faster turnaround times, combined with greater imaging utilization, continues to stretch radiologist capacity.

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AI-powered X-ray receives FDA clearance. Are you ready for the rise of AI?

by Matthew Morrill and Liam Frieswick September 23, 2019

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have been generating a lot of buzz in recent years. Due to advances in processing power, the availability of broader and deeper data, and advances in the maturity of AI tools, AI has a real opportunity to help improve the efficiency and outcomes of imaging reads. While progressive organizations have started rolling out AI tools, regulatory and legal barriers can delay implementation. However, on September 12, GE announced that its Critical Care Suite, a collection of AI algorithms which can be embedded into a mobile X-ray, was approved by FDA.

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Think you have a best-in-class dashboard? Compare yours to 3 examples.

by Matthew Morrill and Liam Frieswick September 10, 2019

With the myriad of metrics available, it's easy to create an overwhelming dashboard that provides more data than insight. But some organizations have mastered the art of effective dashboard design, thoughtfully leveraging data to improve imaging service line performance. Here are three imaging dashboards that, in our view, represent best-in-class work. Review the key components of these dashboards and understand how you stack up. 

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Imaging CDS begins on Jan. 1, 2020. Are you ready?

by Catherine Kosse and Erin Lane August 27, 2019

Beginning on January 1, 2020, Medicare will require ordering providers to consult appropriate use criteria (AUC) via an electronic clinical decision support (CDS) tool when ordering outpatient advanced imaging exams.

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Medicare's new rules seek to expand price transparency. What this—and other regulatory proposals—mean for imaging.

by Catherine Kosse and Erin Lane August 20, 2019

Recently, CMS released proposed rules governing hospital outpatient facility and provider payments for calendar year (CY) 2020. Unlike previous years, Medicare did not propose major changes specific to imaging payments, but did include a proposal to increase price transparency that affects radiology programs.

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How deep learning dramatically improved breast cancer prediction modeling—especially for African American patients

by Matt Morrill and Ty Aderhold May 21, 2019

Breast density notification laws now exist in 38 states, and in February of this year, President Trump signed into law a directive to implement breast density reporting requirements nationally. This continued focus on breast density reporting stems in large part from breast density being a factor in whether a patient is high-risk for the development of breast cancer.

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