Advancing Imaging Referral Strategy

Best Practices for Securing Physician Loyalty and Increasing Market Share

18 best practices aimed at boosting imaging referrals.

Executive Summary

A low-growth era
Having enjoyed double digit rates of volume growth and significant increases in revenue through the mid 2000s, imaging programs have entered a new era marked by flattening volumes and tightening reimbursement. With regulators and payers determined to control imaging costs, slow industry wide revenue growth is likely to be a permanent phenomena rather than a short term challenge.

Outreach, radiologist partnerships critical to growth
This low-growth environment represents a significant shift for imaging leaders. In the past, programs successfully maintained their “fair share” in a market where all programs were growing consistently. Now, programs hoping to grow at healthy rates will need to win market share from their competitors in an increasingly challenging zero-sum game.

This will require disciplined execution of outreach activities and close partnerships with radiologists.

Read the study to learn more
To assist administrators in advancing their imaging referral strategy and crafting a strategic plan for healthy growth, the Imaging Performance Partnership has identified 18 best practices, culled from interviews with some of the most successful imaging programs around the country.

By reading this study members will learn best practices to:

  • Refine the outreach organization
  • Use analytics to pinpoint growth opportunities
  • Maximize visit quality
  • Enhance service delivery

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