Market trends: Imaging Leaders Cheat Sheet Series

Health care market trends like patient consumerism and system mergers and acquisitions are upending traditional models of institutional growth.

Need a refresher on how these developments impact your organization? View our cheat sheets below to get a quick primer on everything related to market trends in imaging.

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 Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a fast-growing field which impacts multiple industries, including medicine. Radiology is particularly well-positioned to feel the early effects of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and imaging leaders should understand the potential impact of machine learning on their workflow. Read on to learn more about machine learning and imaging.

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 Breast density notification legislation

Breast density notification legislation aims at informing women if they have dense breast tissue, a risk factor for breast cancer that might affect the accuracy of mammography screening. Read on to learn which states have adopted these notification provisions and what imaging leaders can do to respond.

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 Digital breast tomosynthesis

Digital breast tomosynthesis is a three dimensional mammogram used to detect breast cancer by capturing multiple images of the breast in a single data set. Read on to learn what imaging leaders need to know about this emerging imaging technology.

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 Enterprise imaging technology

Enterprise imaging technology differs from the current state of image storage because it encompasses all images and imaging data generated by all providers across all departments in a health system. Read on to learn how it will impact your team.

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 Health care consolidation

Over the past few years the health care industry has seen unprecedented merger and acquisitions activity and overall provider consolidation. The consolidation of both health system and non-traditional organizations has changed the day-to-day job of the imaging leader. Read on to learn more.

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 Health care consumerism

Patients are beginning to demonstrate consumer-like behavior—they're looking for providers that maximize the value of their health care dollar. Read on to learn how this trend impacts imaging.

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 Imaging screening programs

Imaging-led screening programs play an important role in health system health and wellness strategy by ensuring that disease is caught early, resulting in lower costs of care. Read on to learn more.

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 Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage (MA), a type of insurance funded by Medicare by administered through private payers, has grown in popularity among both enrollees and providers. Learn more about how imaging leaders can succeed under MA contracts that now cover one-third of all Medicare beneficiaries.

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 Retail health care

Retail health care refers to freestanding clinics that cater to cost-conscious, usually self-referring patients by providing low-cost, transparently-priced health care options. Continue reading to learn more.

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