Imaging Leaders Cheat Sheet Series

Translating health care trends for imaging

What does population health really mean? How do bundled payments impact imaging? What about patient consumerism?

Some issues in health care, such as clinical decision support, affect imaging first, but imaging is impacted by almost every health system change—even when not targeted directly. Staying up-to-date is a daunting task.

That's why we created an online library of cheat sheets to help you tune into health care's biggest issues. These two-page resources provide quick primers on key health care topics, an explanation of how each trend impacts imaging, and actionable next steps for imaging leaders.

Keep reading to learn more, or start exploring the cheat sheets right away.

Use our melanoma program resource grid to benchmark your offerings and prioritize areas of investmentDownload our executive summary to learn more about the cheat sheet series.

Who should use the cheat sheets?

Directors of imaging, radiologists, radiology group leaders, radiologist physician champions, new imaging managers, COOs, VPs of Ancillary Services, imaging IT vendors, and imaging equipment vendors.

What will I learn from the cheat sheets?

  • Methods to calculate the financial impact legislative policies could have on your organization
  • Conversation starters about how to adapt your strategy to meet market demands
  • Insight into new patient expectations for imaging
  • Baseline understanding of all major risk-based payment models
  • The ins and outs of Medicare’s newest payment policy updates

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