Demonstrate the value of your lung cancer screening program

Step 4 in the Lung Cancer Screening Program Toolkit

Lung cancer screening might not seem like an attractive investment at first blush, but there are actually many ways to demonstrate the potential value of your screening program investments.

We know that early detection is one of the best opportunities to improve cancer patient outcomes, and this is clearly the primary motivation for screening. But there’s a financial case, too. Early diagnoses can curb costs, as early-stage patients are less expensive to treat than late-stage patients. In addition, screening can lead to growth, both through downstream service utilization and by creating a new entry point for patients who have not previously sought care from your health system.

There are three ways you should make the financial case for lung screening:

  • First, understand any direct revenue—out-of-pocket fees, reimbursements—generated by the program, but know that direct revenue is unlikely to cover your costs.
  • Next, look at downstream revenue generated by the program. Depending on your organization, this can be a significant figure.
  • Last, explore options to document cost savings generated by screening.

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