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In an era of tight hospital margins, aggressive payer steerage, and growing provider risk, it’s easy for imaging to get dispirited. From hospital leaders and payers, we hear the same refrains: Cut your costs. Lower your prices.

Yet this time is also an opportunity for imaging to elevate its value proposition. Radiology affects patient care processes and costs across a multitude of care episodes. So as health systems seek to advance efficiency and quality, imaging can offer outsized value in two areas.

First, optimize imaging service utilization—both inpatient and outpatient—by playing an active role in developing and hardwiring new care pathways. Second, ensure long-term efficiency through stewardship of key resources, first and foremost imaging’s valuable staff.

Whether you are poised to grow outpatient services or tasked with containing costs, strengthening management in these ways will enable imaging to serve as an essential partner to health system, payers, and patients alike.

Join us for the 2018 Imaging Performance Partnership National Meeting series to hear our research and discuss strategies for building up imaging as a well-managed enterprise.