Achieving Breakthrough Engagement

Lessons from High-Performing Organizations

Explore two approaches to employee engagement, identify which strategy is best for your organization, and learn from four organizations that have achieved and sustained high levels of employee engagement.

Executive Summary

The case for engagement

HR executives are facing critical, yet seemingly conflicting, workforce challenges. Hospitals must replace retiring baby-boomer employees amidst a tightening labor market, while raising employee productivity to help bridge the widening gap between cost and revenue growth.

How can HR executives achieve greater commitment from employees while asking them to work smarter and harder? A growing body of research suggests that high levels of staff satisfaction and engagement go hand in hand with productivity and a dedication to achieving key organizational goals.

Two paths toward employee engagement

We've identified two distinct tactics for employee engagement. The first approach comprises a tactical framework and is the more widely used model both within and outside of the health care sector. Organizations pursuing this approach use survey data to surface improvement needs and guide unit-level action plans.

The second approach comprises a strategic framework and, while less common, is disproportionately pursued by studied organizations achieving the highest levels of engagement. The strategic approach leverages a compact between employees and the organization that speaks to shared values to drive engagement efforts—rather than survey results. 

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Achieving Breakthrough Engagement explores these two approaches to engagement, helps HR leaders determine which approach is best for their organization, and offers four case studies of organizations that have achieved and sustained high levels of employee engagement.

By reading this study, members will learn how to:

  • Elevate employee engagement through either tactical or strategic approaches
  • Use a diagnostic to determine which method would add the most value
  • Implement the chosen approach to drive engagement
  • Learn from case studies of four organizations that have achieved and sustained high levels of employee engagement

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