Keep your staffing plan out of the rough

Avoid four emerging market hazards

See how you can stay ahead of the curve and determine your organization's future workforce needs.

Focus the conversation on four market trends

While hospital leaders are dedicating time and energy to developing their overall care transformation strategy, many are overlooking a key component: building the right workforce to bring that strategy to life.

To do that, HR leaders must have concrete conversations with operational leaders to identify the future staff they’ll need. Focus on the four specific market changes, or hazards, that will drive the vast majority of disruption to future staffing plans:

  • Increased importance of patient transitions
  • Rising patient complexity
  • Evolving health care technology
  • Internal executive staffing imperatives


Keep up with care transformation

Our study, A New Starting Point for Workforce Planning, helps HR executives open productive conversations with operational leaders to determine how care transformation will impact staffing needs.

HR Advancement Center members can download the study to access 13 tools such as cheat sheets, discussion guides, and detailed templates to avoid gaps in the workforce of tomorrow.

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