Get your frontline staff rowing in the right direction

See how you can address five common challenges to instilling frontline accountability.

Identify your accountability gaps

Hospital operational leaders cite strategy execution—a people-centric challenge—as the greatest barrier to sustainable hospital growth. As health care leaders shift toward a value-centered organizational strategy, they must also ensure staff are dedicated to advancing that mission.

Our infographic presents five examples of how staff may struggle to see the connection between their work and the organization's goals—and best practices to address these challenges.

  • Communication: Employees know their responsibilities but not where the organization is headed.
  • Evaluation: Performance evaluations don't incorporate meaningful goals.
  • Rewards: Staff don't feel rewarded for "excellent" work.
  • Peer pressure: Frontline nurses are mostly silent about poor teamwork.
  • Mission: Employees find the mission meaningful but struggle to see how they contribute.


How you can hardwire accountability

Our study, Hardwiring Accountability at the Front Line, expands on the best practices featured in the infographic and offers real examples of how organizations are using them successfully.

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