Track and troubleshoot your behavioral-based interviewing efforts

How to diagnose challenges and coach accordingly

After launching BBI, HR managers should monitor adoption rates and BBI effectiveness at the unit level to identify under- and high-performing managers. If some of your managers, or even entire departments, are still struggling with BBI, it's timer for further education, such as one-on-one coaching sessions and interview audits.

We have several tools to help HR leaders assess BBI progress and reach out to managers with weaker interviewing skills.

Tools to help you assess and intervene

BBI effectiveness assessment 

See metrics and analyses that can help you track and report on the quality of new hires and the efficacy of BBI, and see where you need intervention.

See metrics

One-on-one coaching guide

See non-threatening questions that HR managers can use during one-on-one BBI trainings with hiring managers to surface “red flags”—and resources available to help struggling interviewers.

Get the questions

Implementation pitfall diagnostic 

Understand the challenges commonly encountered in the application of BBI and see strategies to address each pitfall.

See the guide

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