Hone your behavioral-based interview technique

How to craft the perfect conversation

Whether you’re an HR leader or a hiring manager, we have tips and scripts to improve your behavioral-based interviews. Also, learn how to ask the right follow-up questions, carry out BBI with multiple interviewers, and set objective evaluation criteria.

First, a look at the basics

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Interviewing tips

These tips—relevant to all types of interviewing—offer guidance for hiring managers who are dealing with difficult candidates or wish to improve their overall BBI performance.


Introductory scripting

Use this sample scripting to set your candidates at ease at the opening of the interview and explain the purpose of the BBI process.


BBI question prompts

Go from interrogational to conversational with these question openers and transitional phrases that can be used to vary the structure of a BBI session.


Follow-up question cheat sheet

This cheat sheet will ensure you’re practicing active listening and asking smart follow-up questions to elicit the full picture of candidates’ experience.


Team interview checklist

See the additional steps needed when BBI is conducted by multiple interviewers for the same candidate.


Multiple-interviewer aggregation grid

This one-page sheet will help you aggregate disparate evaluations from multiple interviewers.


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